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How to download GTA 5 APK
about 1 year ago

To get GTA 5 on Android, first of all, you have to download the GTA 5 APK file. You can either download the APK file directly to your smartphone, or you can go for downloading it in your PC and then copy it to your mobile. Either way, I have provided the direct download link for the GTA 5 APK file below.

GTA 5 APK Download on Android

Once you have it on your phone, go to the folder where you placed the .apk file and open it.
A pop box may appear saying something similar to “the phone is set to block installation of third-party apps that are obtained from unknown sources due to security reasons”. You can overcome this by clicking on settings and tapping “Allow installation of GTA 5.”how to play gta v obb file on Mobile
Once installed, open the game, and it will start downloading the OBB and data files. These are the files that stay on your phone’s SD Card and the APK uses these files as it needs them in the gameplay.
As soon as the files are downloaded, you can play the game.
How to play real GTA 5 on Android?
As I have mentioned earlier in the tutorial, the GTA 5 APK file provided in this tutorial is actually a modified version of GTA San Andreas. And if you missed that part then you must have found that out after downloading it on your phone. Now, if you are wondering how you can play the real GTA 5 on your Android phone, I have a couple of methods for you.

Play GTA 5 on Android using XBox 360 Emulator
GTA v APK on Android
Currently, there is no way that you can install the GTA 5 APK file on your phone. Sure, you can install modified GTA SA APK which looks like GTA 5 but the real GTA 5 APK doesn’t exist. You can only play GTA 5 on your mobile via streaming. That is exactly what the XBox 360 Emulator does for you.

You just have to follow the steps given in this link and it then you will be able to Play GTA 5 on your mobile phone.


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How to play real GTA 5 on Android?